Life as a hand model


Hand Jobs: Life as a Hand Model, Oli Kellett & Alex Holder
Hoxton Mini Press, 2016

Good book recommendations usually come when you least expect them – and the best ones during vacation. I discovered this book by – you wouldn’t believe it – reading the customer magazine from Germanwings on a flight from Dusseldorf to Marseille. And it did indeed fit into the holiday spirit with its bright, cheerful colors and easy-to-consume content.

Hand Jobs: Life as a Hand Model is the third book in a series released by Hoxton Mini Press which celebrates the best in colorful, modern photography. It portrays 24 professionals working as hand models. Hand modeling? That’s right – just think about all the hands displayed on screens and billboards: breaking chocolate bars, holding perfume bottles – or peeling bananas as in the case of this fabulous book. It’s fun to get to know these individuals by watching their hands perform and letting them talk to us through a revealing quote about their daily work life.

While telling 24 stories in a very unique way, this book also fulfills the publisher’s credo: to make great photobooks affordable and to bring photography not only to collectors but also to people who know nothing about the topic (like me). So do yourself a favor and purchase this crazy little book. Once you have your own copy, you can cherish it as suggested by the publisher: “Feel free to stroke, lick or eat this copy.”

Hand-Jobs-Brooke Hand-Jobs-Jeremy Hand-Jobs-Kateryna Hand-Jobs-Vincent

And finally, my favorite one:


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